Peep this most excellent project that my friends at the Epicenter in Green River, Utah have planned. It’s an investigation into place, a celebration of a people, and a truly delicious plan to put Green River on the map.


Eat Green River Melon! by Epicenter & Nick Zdon

Eat Green River Melon! is an investigation of history and stories, farming families, and agricultural economy of Green River, Utah. The project is a concentrated effort to promote authentic Green River melon, and will consist of a short documentary film (Melon Days), local hand-painted billboards, a potluck and film premiere for the entire community, merchandise, and a website. Agriculture is a source of regional pride throughout the world, and the melon is an over 100-year-old symbol of community pride in Green River. Eat Green River Melon! is a creative placemaking effort and a benchmark in Epicenter’s continued mission to promote the town, positively impact the local economy, and contribute to the community.

One part of this project is a documentary and accompanying website. Melon Days will be a thirty to ninety minute digital documentary about Green River melon. The website act as an online community for sharing Green River melon photos, recipes, viewing video clips, and purchasing melon merch. The documentary will premiere in Green River in 2013 at the John Wesley Powell River History Museum’s theater. At this community event, people can purchase promotional merchandise and printed collateral including invitations, DVDs of Melon Days, DVD packaging, t-shirts, melon stickers, bumper stickers, postcards, and posters.

The final piece of this project (for now) will be a catalog of local melon recipes, a melon field guide, old timers’ stories, local myths, and Melon Days Festival retrospective photos. The Green River Melon book’s content will be curated throughout the project. This book will not only act as the printed document for the entire project but it will also provide a how-to or case-study for similar communities to utilize in promoting their town. We intend to print 50 books in this first edition. All profits will go to Epicenter to help further serve the community of Green River. Additionally, the book will be converted for iPad and iPhone and sold online.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to Nick Zdon (Former Frontier Fellow) for volunteering his time to develop this project with Epicenter. Maria and Nick collaborated on the overall idea and art concepts, but Nick provided all of the graphic design free of charge. Amazing, right?! If all goes as planned, Nick will continue to be the lead graphic designer on this project as well as the film-maker. Check out Nick’s Taco Tuesday short he made while in Green River to get an idea of his talent and style.

In addition to Nick, Epicenter would like to thank Megan Deal (Designer & Educator), Nicole Lavelle (Designer & Educator), and Kelly McAuley (Copywriter & Blogger) for their feedback throughout this project. We recently applied to Sappi’s Ideas That Matter grant for this project and their input was invaluable for our final presentation. Thank you!

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