Share Document 
Edited & designed by Clifton Burt & Nicole Lavelle

Writings on design by:

Carl Alviani 
Jen Delos Reyes 
Gary Robbins 
Eric Trine 
Namita Wiggers

5 x 7 in. 
Perfect bound soft cover 
67 pages

Published by Ampersand on the occasion of Design Week Portland 2013

Printed & bound in Portland, Oregon at Brown Printing

"It’s a shame that the phrase "tempest in a teacup" is tied to the idea of triviality. It would otherwise wonderfully describe how designed objects each contain a cacophony of stories. The essays in Share Document demonstrate that point. They illuminate how objects like surfboards, refrigerators, books, and bike lanes can be understood quite differently when their context is revealed to us.

By contributing these essays, the writers in this book have graciously granted us access into the thinking that goes into their practice. In doing so, they have provided us with a cross-section of design-thinking at this moment in Portland. They have given us a ticket into their world. It’s our job to enjoy the ride.”

—Clifton Burt

Get your copy tomorrow night at our event at Ampersand, or buy one on the internet!

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